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Little Spark of Infinite Joy


When u first think of having gamebirds such as quails…the first emotion of ur face, once they had arrived, is infinite joy…….
The quails are small flock birds weighing exactly about 80 to 300gm. Males are cinnamon or dark at the upper portion of the breast and the lower is having light brown shades. Female color varies within different shades of brown, timber, and shades of black with impressive markings on the throat, upper breast, and face. At 6 weeks females start laying and within 50 days start full production on an average of almost 250-300 eggs each accurate year. Internationally the consumption of Japanese quail eggs had been widely adopted by many countries and cultures. These amusingly small varieties of eggs consist of a high nutritional supplement and are of course delicious! Having belonged to the order Galliformes, family Phasianidae, genus Coturnix and species Japanese. They have a wide variety of species including:
Blue quails, mountain quails, Californian quails, northern bobwhites, dwarfs, etc. These species are stretched out towards Asia, Europe, and Switzerland.

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